About Us


Extending our trading hand to the world, we’ve acknowledged a selected few investment points of interest in South Africa, to present a range of opportunities to big organizations and trading professionals around the world. Our mission with this company is to become a leading trading competitor, a potential third-party, to achieve incredible prospects in a country that is not only filled with a diverse culture and rich history but also with resources unique to its homeland.

Standing firm with the 2nd biggest economy on the African continent, and a very competitive player in global trading, South Africa - The gateway to the African continent – has more to offer than what is generally perceived. For numerous centuries, Africa has promised a vast range of opportunity to nations across the world, and have established connections in trade that has led to endless beneficial prospects globally.

Covering multiple points of interest, Indusin acknowledges the importance of permanent and trustworthy partnerships between a merchant, trading point, and dedicated investors – We understand the significance of all three parties involved and recognize that one cannot continue operating successfully without the other.

Indusin supports investors that have any commercial interest in South Africa related to the following investment points of interest:
1. Energy Products
2. CBD Commodities
3. General Trading

These areas of trade include multiple investment options to be discussed upon request. Should potential investors or organizations seek interest in additional resources and commodities, Indusin will be more than happy to assist new points of interest relevant to our trading divisions.